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All loan options offered by Cleopar

Tutte le opzioni di prestito offerte da Compass

The offer of personal loans in recent years tends to be increasingly differentiated to meet the different needs in terms of duration, accessibility and above all flexibility. In fact, the options that allow, once the financing is started, to make temporary changes in case of need are greatly appreciated and exploited. Let’s see what Cleopar, a financial company of the Mediamadness group, offers in this regard.

The range of Cleopar loans includes more possibilities:

  • Online loan: a practical solution that goes through an online estimate of the installment and the total costs of the loan, with the possibility of sending the request at a distance to obtain the approval of the institution. These are medium-sized loans, from € 5,000 to € 30,000, repayable between 24 and 84 months.
  • Personal loan: a traditional option, to be subscribed to in the branch, for loans up to 30,000 euros without any supporting documents, to cover any project. It is proposed in different formulas, some taking into account the need for a flexible reimbursement to face the installment more easily and on time. So we have Easy Classic, a standard solution that is always constant, but also Easy Jump, to have the possibility to jump up to 5 installments, or Easy Change, to reduce the installment amount up to 5 times during the repayment plan. Easy Flex gives access to both options, jump and installment change. All flexibility solutions obviously provide for an extension of the repayment plan following the changes.
  • Cifra Tonda: for loans up to 20,000 euros, it allows you to customize the loan by choosing the most suitable option between various combinations of installment and duration.
  • Unique: it is an option to consolidate debts, to group existing loans starting to pay a single monthly installment, overall, until the entire remaining debt is repaid, on more advantageous terms. With Unica Cleopar, it finances amounts up to € 30,000.

Cleopar loans also include various salary-backed solutions for private, public and retired employees and loans finalized in collaboration with over 35,000 stores.

Loan estimate of 5000 euros

Loan estimate of 5000 euros

Financial: Statum
Product: Cleopar
TAN Fixed: 9.90%
APR: 11.41%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 5,050
Total due: € 6,498